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Welcome to Meridian Elementary and High School 2022-2023

OPEN HOUSE for all students is scheduled for Monday, August 15th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

July 26, 2022

Welcome to

Meridian Elementary and High School


Welcome back to another year at Meridian.    School starts Wednesday, August 17th with a 1:30 dismissal time.     High School class change - drop - add day will be Friday, August 5th from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.  New students are encouraged to stop in that day to register for classes, have a tour of the building, etc.  


OPEN HOUSE for all students is scheduled for Monday, August 15th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m.  This is a good time to bring crayons, pencil, etc. and meet your teacher/s.  A meal will be served of hot dogs and chips.  This is also a good time for parents to check with Kathy Houser or Kelli Schoenbeck to see if you are logged in to PowerSchool. 


#1 - Physicals All Kindergarten and 7th graders need a physical and updated immunizations. Kindergarteners also need an eye exam as well as a copy of birth certificate and social security number.  


#2 - Sport Physicals – 7th – 12th grade students will need a physical for playing sports.  All students Grades 7-12 will need the NSAA parent permission form signed and turned in to play sports.   The physical and physical consent forms are located on the website under SCHOOLS >Info/Forms>NSAA School Physical Consent Form and NSAA School Physical Form.    Please give to Trish as soon as possible.


#3 – Student Accident School Insurance Coverage 21-22Please go online to purchase student accident insurance for the 2022-2023 school year.  This option will give parents direct access to the website and a fast and easy way to purchase the student accident insurance coverage that has been contracted with our school to provide.  Go on the Meridian website >Front page article>Insurance>click on the link or cut and paste the link here: sas-mn.com     Please call 800-328-2739 if you have any questions.   


#4 – Laptop insurance forms are enclosed.  Computers are issued to all K-12 students.  Students in grades 7 through 12 will be allowed to take their computer home.  But before a computer can be issued, the laptop insurance form along with payment (depending on what you mark) needs to be taken care of.  Payment is made in the main office with Trish and you will bring your receipt along with the laptop insurance form to claim your computer. 


#5– Computers will be issued on Friday, August 5th during the drop/add time and on Monday, August 15th from 5:00-7:00 if the paperwork has been complete.  Otherwise, computers will be given out the first day of school as long as we have the form along with payment receipt.


#6 – Lunch Money/Lunch Money – The Keep Kids Fed Act ended on June 25, 2022. We encourage families to fill out a Free and Reduced Lunch Request form if you feel you qualify.  Pre-School through 2nd Grade, will need to pay 30 cents per carton for each milk they take with their afternoon snack.  Please bring all milk money to Trish in the main office.  If you are paying with a check, please make it payable to “Meridian Hot Lunch.”  Hot lunch family members can all be put on one check, but please state for which children and the amount for each child.  Again, students WILL NOT receive free meals this year – Payment will be necessary if your do not qualify for free/reduced meals.


#7 – Dress Code- When buying clothes for the school year, please remember the school handbook dress code…  Student dress should be appropriate for the school setting. This includes offsite events and activities. Dress that is in good taste, in no way distracting, and is not vulgar or suggestive in appearance or in the written word or illustration will be acceptable.  Inappropriate attire may not be worn to school or school activities.  Please check elementary and high school handbooks located on the website under...SCHOOL>Elementary>Handbook and SCHOOL>High School>Handbook.

#8 – Absences – If you are going to be gone during the school day, please remember to call, send a note, or email (in elementary kschoenbeck@meridianmustangs.org or in high school khouser@meridianmustangs.org) before 8:30 a.m.  If you have a doctor/dental appointment, please have them furnish a note.  In high school, if you miss over five days a quarter, you will be expected to make up time to meet the satisfaction of the teacher to earn class credit.


#9 – Sign in and out – We need to know if you are in the building.  If you are late for any reason, you need to sign in on the door outside Kathy’s office in the high school and put your note or dr’s note on Kathy’s desk. (Parents can call or email that you will be late, also.)  Just put your name and the time you came.  If you need to leave early, you will do the same but put the time you left.  To leave early, the office will need a note, email, or phone call stating you need to leave for an appointment, etc..  In elementary, you need to check in or out with Kelly Schoenbeck.


#10 – Email / Daily Announcements– Students, please remember to check your personal school email daily as the daily bulletin will be sent via email usually around 10:00 a.m.   Parents, please check the daily announcements on the web (www.meridianmustangs.org).    Tab under Meridian Public School > Daily Bulletin – click that for the daily announcements – it has bus times, updates on activities, and a lot of information for the school day.  Emails:  Both elementary and high school offices would like to have your main email address for communication purposes. 


#11 – Grades – Students and parents can look at grades at any time.   Parents, see Kathy or Kelli for help in setting this up.  Down lists and ineligibility list for high school students will begin Week 3 of each quarter.


#12Detentions – If you are given a detention for any reason, you will call your parents and set up time to serve for that night or the next night.  Failure to make up a detention, will result in an in-school suspension.


#13 – Supplies Please check the school website and the August Newsletter for supplies needed for elementary.  High School students will need paper (6-8 notebooks), pens, pencils, book bag, PE bag with change of clothes and shoes.   In the 7-10 grade math classes, it is beneficial for students to own a scientific calculator. 


#14 – Most Jr. High sports will be held during the day.  Most of the time, it is worked out so that the bus will be back in time for the afternoon bus routes.  But sometimes parents will need to either bring them to school for an earlier leave time or pick them up after school if the bus can’t make it back in time from an athletic or music activity.

#15 – The first day of school papers will be sent home to update and sign along with the handbook signature page (located at the end of the handbook).  Please take care of this and return the papers to school as soon as possible.


#16 –Individual water bottles are highly encouraged.


#17 – Bus routes - If you are looking at any changes from planned bus riding participation since the end of last year, please contact the school asap with any changes as the bus drivers will be meeting shortly to set up their route.


#18 – Many of the school forms are found on the website under SCHOOL>Info/Forms and at this time on the front page.  Also check the school handbooks which are also located on the school website under SCHOOL>Elementary or High School>Handbooks.  The last page in the handbooks needs to be signed by both student and parent and returned.


#19Sports buttons for grades 7 through 12 will be taken Thursday, August 19th during the noon lunch hour.  The order form is found on the website and outside Kathy’s office.


#20Lockers have been assigned.  Your magnet will be in place on your locker for your use by August 5th.  Please feel free to bring any school supplies on the 5th or at the Open House on the 15th.  Remember to only use magnets to hold items as tape sometimes leaves a film that is hard to take off.




#22 - We want the beginning of your elementary, junior and senior high school years to be a good experience.  Keeping on top of homework, being involved in sports and school organizations, being organized, and being at school on time and on a regular basis will help you with the school year.  Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you and/or your parents are welcome to talk with the administration, teacher, or staff member involved.    We cannot take care of a situation if we do not know about it.   Please feel free to contact one of us at any time and we will help with any questions or concerns you might have or steer you in the right direction.


Kathy Houser, High School Secretary                                           Kelly Schoenbeck, Elementary School Secretary

402-446-7265 (Ext. 3)  khouser@meridianmustangs.org        402-446-7265 (Ext. 4) kschoenbeck@meridianmustangs.org

Lisa Hermsmeier, School Counselor                                            Harold Scott, Principal

402-446-7265 (Ext. 1253)  lhermsmeier@meridianmustangs.org       402-446-7265 (Ext. 1261) hscott@meridianmustangs.org

Randy Kort, Superintendent                                                      Trish Endorf, Office Secretary/Bookkeeper

402-446-7265 (Ext. 1112)  rkort@meridianmustangs.org                      402-446-7265 (Ext. 2)  tendorf@meridianmustangs.org

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